Power Back-up Services (Power Continuity)

Safeguard your business from losses and protect your IT assets from power spikes & outages anywhere in Kenya

Unleashing Uninterrupted Progress

Embark on a journey with Plexus Energy, where operational resilience meets uninterrupted progress in a world unshaken by power uncertainties. Our comprehensive offerings include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Diesel Generators, and Inverter-based power backups, ensuring a steadfast 100% Power Continuity even during GRID failures.

What distinguishes us isn’t just our array of products but our unwavering commitment to excellence. At Plexus Energy Ltd., our dedicated team takes charge of the meticulous distribution, seamless installation, and impeccable maintenance of UPS power systems, Emergency Power Systems, and Rotary Flywheel UPS solutions. What truly sets us apart is our round-the-clock commitment to supporting critical businesses across Kenya.

Beyond products, we provide solutions. Our specialist engineers, equipped with unparalleled expertise, offer a comprehensive suite of power backup services, covering everything from Power Protection Solutions to Emergency Power Systems, Standby Diesel Generators, Uninterruptible Power Control, and Critical Continuous Power 24/7.

Choose Plexus Energy for exceptional power continuity services that redefine your business, rendering power outages a thing of the past.

Services We Offer

1. UPS System

Plexus Energy offers comprehensive UPS System Services for both Industrial and Data Center applications. With our skilled Critical Power Service Unit, we deliver turn-key solutions encompassing UPS setup, proactive upkeep, servicing, evaluations, surveillance, and rental provisions nationwide.

2. Diesel Generator

We have a wide selection of premium diesel generators catered to meet global power needs, adhering to customer specifications. We've carefully chosen diverse engine producers to grant you adaptability and multiplicity for exceptional power answers. Each model assures economical operation and an extended lifespan, ensuring dependable power you can rely upon.

3. Inverter-based Power Backups

Experience uninterrupted operations with Plexus Energy's cutting-edge Inverter-Based Power Backup services in Nairobi, Kenya. Designed to seamlessly safeguard your business, our solutions provide uninterrupted power supply during critical moments. Trust Plexus Energy to safeguard your business's continuity with our top-tier inverter-based power backup services.

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