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Plexus Energy Unveils Cutting-Edge EPC Services for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Plexus Energy's Holistic EPC Approach

We provide an all-encompassing EPC service, covering feasibility studies, design and engineering, material procurement, construction, and project commissioning. Our commitment extends to ensuring peak asset performance, achieved through on-site operation, meticulous technical evaluations, swift failure diagnosis, and remote monitoring.

Our EPC services process involves the following steps:
Services We Offer

1. Detailed Solar Plant Design

Tailoring the design to match your solar aspirations without straining your budget is our specialty. Dive into your vision and system needs & Conduct an on-site survey to assess feasibility. We Keep a close eye on weather dynamics & Craft the optimal structural design for peak power generation. We set up cusotimized model for your solar system.

2. Purchasing High Quality Equipment

Partnering with the pros means you can access top-tier equipment from renowned manufacturers, saving you the stress of supplier hunting. As a leading EPC services provider in Nairobi, Kenya, Plexus Energy sources essential equipment and components for solar power plants from local and international suppliers. A stellar solar EPC team from Plexus Energy strikes deals with major manufacturers, securing competitive prices and solid warranty terms for your peace of mind.

3. Constructing Your Own Solar Panel

Welcome to the final phase of our journey. Here, we bring your solar vision to life by mounting panels, integrating accessories, and seamlessly connecting to the grid. This aligns with your current power system for uninterrupted energy flow. Once installed, our commitment continues. We're here for you with post-installation care—constant system vigilance, maintenance, and support for enduring energy excellence.

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