Solar street lights are versatile because they can be installed anywhere that needs stable, reliable, and cost-effective lighting. Installing solar streetlights will be the best way from factories, urban roads, and farms to home compounds.

How do solar streetlights work?

Solar streetlights have the following major components:

  1. LED light.
  2. Solar panel.
  3. Inbuilt lithium battery.
  4. Inbuilt solar charge controller.

The solar panels generate energy that charges the inbuilt battery. The solar charge controller protects the battery by ensuring overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, trickle charge protection, reverse-connection protection, under-voltage protection, light control, and time control.

The stored energy in the battery is used to power the LED light source.

Solar Street Lights

Figure 1 Solar Streetlight

Advantages of solar street lights.

1. Simple Installation

Solar streetlights are simple to install since they do not have any complicated wiring. The installation does not require a lot of labor, materials, or financial resources.

2. Energy Saving

The generated DC energy powers the LED light. The battery stores enough energy to power the LED light, even during cloudy or rainy days.

3. Durable.

The lights currently in the market are highly functional and provide stable performance for at least 10 years. However, these lights can generate even up to 25 years.

4. Advanced Technology.

Currently, the lights have an inbuilt photo sensor that adjusts the light intensity with the natural brightness. The lights also come with a remote control allowing you to control the light to your liking.


Get away from the traditional street lighting and go solar. Not only will you save money in doing so, but you will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar streetlights are available from 100 W to 800 W. Grab yours today! Call 0720202040 to place an order.

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