Hybrid solar systems are systems that are connected with the grid and include solar batteries. The system generates energy for daytime use and the batteries store excess energy for using at night.

Hybrid solar systems are very popular not only because they help in lowering the energy costs but also ensuring that your household remains powered during a power outage.

Major Components of a Hybrid Solar System

  1. Solar Panels.
  2. Hybrid Inverter.
  3. Battery bank.

How does a Hybrid Solar System work?

The solar panels generate power in DC energy. They are arranged in series and parallel to maximize irradiance (sunlight). As the sunlight intensity increases, so do the generated solar energy.

Solarr connection

The hybrid inverter, the brain of the system, is fed both grid power and the generated DC energy. It converts the generated DC energy to AC energy to power the load. It gives precedence to the generated DC energy. This is where your energy savings come in, as you will be using more the solar energy.

The excess generated solar energy charges the batteries. The batteries store the energy for night use when the sun is unavailable and during power outages when the grid isn’t available. The on–grid and off–grid capabilities of a Hybrid system make it the most suitable choice for residential properties.

Benefits of a Hybrid Solar system

  1. Increase in energy savings.

The system allows the owner to enjoy low energy rates for years to come and shields them from high energy rates.

  1. Reliable Power

The owners will enjoy reliable power even when the grid is down since the system has a battery storage.

  1. Scalability.

A hybrid system is easy to adjust as the years go on. The system can be designed to meet the energy needs at that specific time and is scalable for future energy needs.

  1. Reduces Carbon footprint.

Installing solar allows you to participate in saving our environment for future generations to come.


A hybrid solar system has on–grid and off–grid capabilities. This is very convenient for homes as it reduces the home’s energy costs and ensures power continuity when the grid is down. It is worth every shilling.

Grace Shiko Wachira

Technical Sales Engineer

Plexus Energy Limited

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