Do you pay electricity bills in the hundreds of thousands or even millions monthly to the utility provider? Do you want to cut back on those costs and have a more profitable business? I’ve got good news, you have stumbled across the right blog. Grid–tie solar power systems are specifically designed to cut back on energy costs for commercial entities with sizeable electricity bills.

Grid–tie solar systems are integrated with the grid power and/or generator to save the consumer’s energy costs.

We covered the major components of the grid–tie system in the blog ‘Which Solar Power System is Most Suitable for You?‘.

Grid–Tie Solar Power System

How does Grid–tie solar power systems work?

The Solar panels generate DC power from the sun’s irradiance, which basically means the sun’s light.

The Grid – tie inverter (the brain of the solar power system) converts the generated DC to AC so that your loads can use the electricity. 

Both the generated photovoltaic (PV) energy and AC power from the grid are fed into the inverter.

The inverter gives precedence to the generated PV energy to power the loads then the AC power from the grid balances out the remainder.

What happens when the generated PV is insufficient, especially on cloudy or rainy days? The inverter will now precede the AC power from the grid to power the loads.

Advantages of installing a grid – tie solar system

  1. Due to the decline in the costs of solar panels, the cost of generating daytime energy from solar is approximately 30% lower than grid cost and 60% lower than generator costs.
  2. Increases your energy savings.
  3. Reduces your carbon footprint.
  4. Due to the minimal maintenance that it takes for a grid–tie system, the payback period is earlier than hybrid and off-grid systems. The average payback period of a well-installed grid–tie system is 5 years.
  5. It increases your property value.
  6. The system has a lifetime of 25 years.


Grid–tie solar systems are the way to go if you are a big enterprise with huge electricity bills.

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