Because your pump is powered by the grid, filling your tank or supplying water or carrying out irrigation can be quite costly.

Your AC pump’s motor has to be maintained on regular intervals since it is vulnerable to two common issues, voltage spikes and imbalance.

Installing a pump solar system can help you save on energy bills and help control the voltage spikes and imbalance.

The system is comprised of two major components, each with a particular role. They are solar panels and a pump inverter.

Solar panels utilize sunlight to generate (direct current) DC energy.

The Pump Inverter converts the generated DC energy into AC energy to power the pump.

The pump inverter has built – in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) that ensures you get the best output power possible from your solar panel and it maximizes the performance of your pump along the day.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is another important feature of the pump inverter. Other than significant energy savings, one of the main benefits of using a VFD  to control the pump is the inherent soft starting and improves system efficiency.


Solarizing your borehole pump not only saves you money but also has important features that ensure the pump’s motor efficiency.

Overall, it is a very good investment! Worth every shilling!

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Grace Shiko Wachira

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