Electric Vehicles Charging (EV Charging)

Plexus Energy Ltd’s vision is to develop Kenya’s electric vehicle charging network infrastructure. We are working towards creating the most reliable and convenient EV charging network in Kenya. Every Plexus EV charging station will have capacity to charge a minimum of two electric vehicles at the

UPS Power systems – No Power Outage

To ensure that your power supply is un-interrupted and of good quality, we offer a choice of the following products   • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), • Diesel Generators • Inverter based power backups.   This guarantees 100% Power Continuity and you keeping working when the

Get Your Solar Installation Financed

Plexus Energy Ltd collaborates with the most experienced and quality- focused Financing companies in the world. We work hand – in – hand with you to ensure that you get the most competitive interest rates, tenor and process that matches the savings you get from your

Generate Your Own Electricity

Generating electricity with solar energy is becoming increasingly popular and accessible, thanks to advancements in technology and decreasing costs of solar panels. Here are some steps you can follow to generate your own electricity with solar:   1. Assess your energy needs: Before you start installing